A program in affiliation with NFNLP.

Thrive with NLP, the art and science of Excellence, Achievement and Success.

  • Know the world of senses
  • Sensory Acuity and awareness
  • Know your representational and lead system
  • Learn how to code outside information internally
  • Rapport building techniques
  • How to use body language, tonality and breathing for unconscious rapport
  • Learn how do we use linguistic to communicate
  • Technique to overcome fears, phobias, anxiety
  • Perceptual positions – How do you become your best coach
  • Learn from all the point of views
  • Anchoring – How do you anchor? What you anchor?
  • How can you anchor resourceful state?
  • Meta modeling process and meta questioning tool to quick breakthrough
  • The Eye Patterns
  • Identify the beliefs and value systems & delete limiting patterns
  • Creating empowering beliefs and patterns to achieve goals
  • Reframing – Content & Context
  • Identifying goals and aligning the visions with required pattern
  • Many other sub-modalities and patterns
  • Integrating knowledge to real life
  • Overcome guilt, grief, fears, anxiety, and pain patterns
  • Breaking limited beliefs and create empowering beliefs
  • Understand human behavior
  • Improve personal and professional relationships
  • Achieve personal excellence
  • Changing self-360 degrees
  • Achieve goals and target
  • Become a high peak performer
  • Understand the use of linguistic and change your language patterns
  • Get rid of physical pains
  • Improve your physical, financial, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness
  • Influencing skills – Highly used for organizations
  • Improved Customer relations
  • Know why we do and how we do
  • Learn Leading and Pacing Techniques
  • Learn Hypnotic Patterns
  • Learn Reframing techniques
  • Learn more than 30 techniques using NLP
  • Become a Certified NLP Practitioner with NFNLP Body
  • Personal Breakthrough Sessions
  • Cross-platform applications to any training field
  • Positioning and leveraging in other professions
Anyone who wants to:
  • Anyone willing to learn and apply new concepts for their personal and professional growth
  • Trainers, therapists, coaches, counsellors, healers, psychologists, psychotherapists, Yoga Professionals, HR professionals, psychiatrists, Doctors, Lawyers, entrepreneurs
  • A Game changer for IT/ITes Professional, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Consultants and other working professionals
  • Artists - Journalists, Dancers, Musician, Athletes, Sportsman, Painting artists
Ridhima’s personal attention to everyone to achieve specific goals. Continuous learning through community & initiatives of Ridhima.
  • Personal breakthrough session.
  • Connect with the community of empowering people
  • Simple to understand
  • Easy application real-life situations
  • Focus on real change which is bitter at times but tastes good at last.
  • Guaranteed results
  • We don’t leave you until you achieve results
“It’s all about YOU! We make this program unique by moulding the dough depending upon what outcome people want to achieve and focus on results”

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