One-day introductory NLP workshop, to learn the tools and techniques for managing thoughts and oneself.

If you’re looking for quick knowledge and that one breakthrough just now, then this program can certainly help you.

Brain Train has been a signature program of iFlame that has helped more than 100 individuals and over 3000 people in group programs.  

  • Know how NLP works
  • Understand the terminology
  • Know why NLP Works
  • What is the importance of sensory acuity in NLP (Visual, auditory and Kinesthetic)
  • Helps you identify your representational system
  • Align you to your visions
  • Identify your internal resources
  • Become self-aware
  • Identify resources for future
  • Break your limiting beliefs and create empowering beliefs
  • Helps you get the breakthrough in a day’s session
Anyone who wants to:
  • Introduce themselves to newer version of self
  • Work on personal limitations and get a breakthrough
  • Overcome any kind of emotional pain – grief, guilt, fear
  • Develop new capabilities to achieve life outcome
  • Make oneself excellence at any of the level - emotional, mental, physical, social and intellectual. (we can add occupational and environmental)
  • Individual want to know what is NLP and want to start working towards excellence
  • Teachers and trainers
  • HR professionals
  • Business owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Corporates
  • Homemakers
  • Professionals
Ridhima’s personal attention to everyone to achieve specific goals. Continuous learning through community & initiatives of Ridhima.
  • Personal breakthrough session.
  • Connect with the community of empowering people
  • Simple to understand
  • Easy application real-life situations
  • Focus on real change which is bitter at times but tastes good at last.
  • Guaranteed results
  • We don’t leave you until you achieve results
“It’s all about YOU! We make this program unique by moulding the dough depending upon what outcome people want to achieve and focus on results”


We have a lot of way to learn for your choice.

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